IT Business

IT Business

Web Design

Our company actively engages in web design, offering creative web production utilizing tools like XD and Photoshop. Below is information about our web design services:

Our web design team utilizes the latest design tools such as XD and Photoshop to create optimal websites and applications tailored to clients' businesses. We provide attractive and user-friendly designs aligned with clients' brand image and vision, strengthening their online presence. Additionally, we focus on video production, using XD and Photoshop to create creative video content that effectively conveys clients' messages. We offer design solutions that are visually appealing and enhance user experience according to customers' needs and goals, maximizing business outcomes.

Our web design team promptly and effectively responds to client requirements leveraging extensive experience and expertise. We continuously incorporate the latest design trends and technologies to provide users with compelling and meaningful experiences. With a creative approach and excellent design skills, our team contributes to our clients' business success.

Frontend Development

Our system development team specializes in frontend development centered around WordPress, Angular, and Nuxt. Using these technologies, we develop user-friendly and attractive web applications tailored to clients' needs. In backend development, we use PHP and C# to build seamless systems. We offer flexible solutions tailored to clients' business needs, supporting business growth.

Maintenance Services

Utilizing AWS servers, we manage the stable operation and security of clients' websites and applications. Through regular monitoring and access control, we ensure site security, minimizing the risks of unauthorized access and security breaches. We provide a secure environment for clients to conduct business while safeguarding their valuable data and information.

NIPT System Operations

For the medical corporation Fukumi-kai, we operate the Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) system. This groundbreaking technology analyzes fetal genetic information from pregnant women's blood to assess the risk of chromosomal abnormalities and hereditary diseases. Our specialized team ensures the stable operation and accuracy of the system, collaborating with medical institutions to provide reliable services to pregnant women and their families. We are committed to contributing to medical advancement and realizing a healthy future.