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Management Philosophy

Company Priorities,
What we want you to prioritize

A corporation (company) is a group of human beings.
Corporations are formed to do what one or a few cannot do.
We need to increase the power of the corporation to provide better services and better contributions.

Corporate Power
= Human ability x number of people Education (provided by the corporation) x study (individual effort)
= Improvement of human resources

The improvement of human ability will lead to the improvement of the corporation.
Conversely, the corporation will be actively involved in improving the human capacity of each and every one of you.
You will be exposed to and study the information.

thorough knowledge of the common run of men
Greetings. Reply. Be punctual. Strive to be healthy. Organizing. Thorough reporting and communication.
mature consideration
Think about how calm you are when emotions run high.
Imagine if you wanted to quit and then went to another company and the same thing would not happen.
Is it only their fault that they don't understand?
Think again about whether you have fully explained the situation to the other party.
Do you feel that you are dissatisfied because they are not doing something for you?
Have you explained several times what you want done?
Think back.
Have you ever kept silent when the other person's opinion differs from yours?
We do not know which is wrong, so please attempt to speak up.
Try to think about whether your statement is an opinion, a slander, or a compliment to the other person you are speaking to.
No one likes to be praised.
People will not be moved unless you show them, tell them, let them try, and praise them.
Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet: Isoroku Yamamoto
better being rough and ready than slow and elaborate
Work toward 70% to speed up the process. Do not aim for perfection.
Gradually, we will increase the degree of perfection by looking at cost and time.
Speed > Accuracy > Design (appearance). Since the system is not 100%, start slowly. If there are any problems after running the system, we will correct them as we go.
ISO9001 certification acquired

About Us

Company Name
HUMEDIT Corporation
Date of Establishment
May 23, 2006
capital stock
10.5 million yen
Hiroshi Oka
legal advisor
Ryuyuki Baba, Esora Lawyer
  • head office
    UETAKE Bldg. 3F, 1-3-6 Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    【TEL】 03-6811-7372
    【FAX】 03-6811-7376
  • Itabashi Office
    1-16-4 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 1F
    【TEL】 03-6811-7081
    【FAX】 03-6811-8451
30 (260 for the entire group)
Various tests (NIPT/NI-PGS/PCR)
IT business (system development and maintenance)
Medical services (opening support/NIPT (franchisee)/marketing)
Product sales(Operation of online store)
Government License Number
Dealer in secondhand articles No. 431260033294 / Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Fee-charging employment placement business 11-Yu-300647
Worker dispatch business Fata 13-315731
Correspondent Banks
Saitama Resona Bank, Ltd.
Kawaguchi Credit Bank


May 2006
hiro Japan Inc. established in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture
February 2017
Acquired UASSIST Corporation, a system development company, and made it a group company.
December 2017
hiro Japan Inc. registered as a fee-charging employment agency (License number: 11-yu-300647)
November 2021
hiro Japan Inc. relocates to Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
December 2021
hiro Japan Corporation Registered as a worker dispatching undertaking (License No.: Hata 13-315731)
February 2022
UASSIST Corporation Obtained Privacy Mark (Registration Number: 10825024(01))
July 2022
Changed the company name to HIRO JAPAN Co.