About Us

Management Philosophy

What the company prioritizes,
what it wants to prioritize

A corporation (company) is a gathering of people.
Corporations are formed to do things that cannot be done by one person or a few.
To provide better services and make better contributions, it is necessary to raise the power of the corporation.

Power of the corporation
= Human power × Number Education provided by the corporation × Study (individual effort)
= Improvement of human power

Improvement of human power leads to improvement of the corporation.
Conversely, corporations actively engage in raising the human power of each and every one of you.
Occasionally, you will be asked to study.

Greet. Respond. Be punctual. Make efforts to be healthy. Organize. Thoroughness in reporting and communication.
When your emotions are high, consider if you are calm.
When you want to quit, imagine if the same thing would happen at another company.
Is it solely the other person's fault that they don't understand you?
Did you adequately explain it to them? Think again.
Do you feel dissatisfied because the other person is not doing something for you?
Have you explained what you want them to do several times?
Reflect on it.
When the other person's opinion differs from yours, have you remained silent?
Since it's unclear who is wrong, try speaking up.
While speaking, consider whether your words are an opinion, criticism, or praise.
No one dislikes being praised.
Show them, tell them, let them do it, and praise them. Without that, people won't move.
Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet: Isoroku Yamamoto
To increase speed, aim for 70% in your work. Don't aim for perfection.
Gradually increase perfection while considering cost and time.
Speed > Accuracy > Design (appearance).
Since it's not a 100% system, start slowly.
If there are any issues when running, correct them sequentially.

About Us

Company Name
HUMEDIT Corporation
Date of Establishment
May 23, 2006
10.5 million yen
Moe Sekine
Legal Advisor
Law Firm Esora, Ryuko Baba
  • Head Office
    UETAKE Bldg. 3F, 1-3-6 Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    【TEL】 03-6811-7372
    【FAX】 03-6811-7376
  • Itabashi Branch
    1F, 1-16-4 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
    【TEL】 03-6811-7081
    【FAX】 03-6811-8451
  • Hakusan Laboratory
    101 Okamoto Bldg. 2-2-11 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
    【TEL】 03-6811-7373
49 (260 including part-time and temporary staff across the group)
Various inspections (NIPT/NI-PGS/PCR)
IT business (system development and maintenance)
Medical services (practice support/NIPT (FC membership)/marketing)
Retail (operation of online shops)
Government Authorization and License Numbers
Dealer in secondhand articles No. 431260033294 / Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Fee-charging employment placement business 11-Yu-300647
Worker dispatch business Fata 13-315731
Itabashi Laboratory(License number : 4板保生医し第30号)
Hakusan Laboratory(License number : 2023文文生医第529号)
Correspondent Banks
Saitama Resona Bank
Kawaguchi Shinkin Bank


May 2006
Establishment of hiro Japan Co., Ltd. in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture
February 2017
Acquisition of system development company UASSIST Co., Ltd., establishment as a group company
December 2017
Registration of paid job placement business for Hiro Japan Co., Ltd. (License No.: 13-ユ-313700)
November 2021
Relocation of Hiro Japan Co., Ltd. to Nishikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
December 2021
Registration of labor dispatch business for Hiro Japan Co., Ltd. (License No.: 派13-315731)
February 2022
Acquisition of Privacy Mark for UASSIST Co., Ltd. (Registration No.: 10825024(01))
July 2022
Change of name from Hiro Japan Co., Ltd. to HUMEDIT Co., Ltd.
July 2023
ISO 9001 certification obtained for HUMEDIT Co., Ltd.
August 2023
Establishment of Itabashi Laboratory (License No.: 4板保生医し第30号)
CAP certification obtained for HUMEDIT Co., Ltd.
January 2024
Establishment of Hakusan Laboratory (License No.: 2023文文生医第529号)
May 2024
Moe Sekine becomes CEO