Our Business

By combining IT with medicine, we will provide advanced medical services that go one step ahead of the times. Certified with ISO9001.
  • hi
    Genetic Testing Business
    As one of our businesses, we operate two Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health facilities (Itabashi-ku, Bunkyo-ku). At these facilities, we conduct genetic tests such as NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing).
  • it
    IT Business
    We have a group company with an offshore development base in the Philippines. We conduct web development (web application programming, web systems, web services, web software) in Japan and the Philippines.
    • System Development
    • Maintenance
  • medical
    Medical Service Business
    With the aim of proposing optimal medical care, we will make various proposals with medical institutions within the group as the flagship, such as franchise development in the medical field and establishment of clinics.
    • Support for Starting a Medical Practice
    • Consulting for Medical Institutions
    • Information Provision for Genetic Testing
    • WEB Marketing for Medical Institutions
    • Planning and Development of Medical Applications
  • dispatch
    Placement and Temporary Staffing Services
    We are engaged in businesses such as introducing physicians under the permission of paid job introduction business and labor dispatch business.
  • Shop
    Sales of Goods
    Based on feedback from patients at medical institutions within the group, we sell cosmetics and supplements developed under the guidance of physicians.