New Graduate Recruitment

New Graduate Recruitment

Who are the staff members working together?

*Data as of April 1, 2024, for regular employees only

  • 【Age Distribution】

    Age Ratio

    Average Age: 33.6 years old
    The 20s and 30s are overwhelmingly dominant, and we also focus on recruiting new graduates. Opportunities for success are available regardless of age, which is unique to HUMEDIT!

  • 【Gender Ratio】

    Gender Ratio

    The female ratio is relatively high, and we incorporate female perspectives into the design and content of medical facilities.

  • 【Managerial Position Ratio】

    Managerial Ratio

    There are many female executives, some of whom manage while raising children. It's an environment where we understand each other's private lives while working!

  • 【Highest Educational Background】

    Highest Educational Background

    Most are university graduates, but evaluation is based not only on academic background but also on personal qualities and job performance. Most of the staff are inexperienced in medical and genetic fields but learn through on-the-job training.

  • 【Annual Paid Leave Consumption Rate】

    Annual Paid Leave Consumption Rate

    The consumption rate of paid leave is high, and it's possible to take days off by adjusting well with the progress of work and fellow members. You can enjoy your private life while working!

  • 【Average Overtime Hours】

    Average Overtime Hours

    While overtime may occur depending on deadlines, there is no culture that equates overtime with work! By working diligently until the end of the day, you can ensure your own time outside of work.