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Purposes of Use and Handling of Our Personal Information

※ Depending on the content, the contact point may differ, so please agree to the following content and contact each respective contact point.
※ Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the results of inspections from patients or individuals due to legal reasons.

Collection and Purpose of Use

We will use the personal information collected in the following cases:

  1. When contacting us, for providing responses.
  2. For providing information about various events, seminars, briefings, etc.
Provision and Commission
We do not provide or commission to third parties.
Rights of Information Providers
Regarding the personal information held by us, you have the right to request disclosure and the right to request correction or deletion if there are any inaccuracies.
About Our Personal Information Protection
For our policy on personal information protection, please refer to the "Privacy Policy" page.