Medicover Genetics TarCET kits offer a wide range of reliable and easy-to-implement genetic testing solutions that provide accurate, rapid, and cost-effective detection of genetic mutations.

TarCET kits are NGS-based gene panel testing kits that include reagents for universal library preparation and target acquisition enrichment workflows covering multiple disciplines. By running multiple assays in the same sequencing run, assays from all TarCET kits can be incorporated into an integrated workflow. Medicover Genetics' TarCET kits are unique in their ability to simultaneously perform multidisciplinary genetic testing in a single sequencing run, ensuring accurate and rapid detection of genetic mutations while increasing cost and operational efficiency in laboratories of all throughput capabilities.

The TarCET kits are library preparation and enrichment kits manufactured under strictly quality-controlled manufacturing processes (ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015) to ensure the highest quality and are intended for use in the identification of disease-related genetic mutations. It is intended for use in the identification of disease-associated genetic mutations.

Perform multiple assays in a single run

  • Highly Guaranteed Assay
  • Comprehensive genetic content that provides clinically meaningful information
  • User-friendly and reliable workflows and protocols
  • Assay integration providing high operational efficiency
  • Comprehensive system including software solutions and results reporting


  • Common protocols for all assays
  • Streamlined and simple workflow
  • Common Sample Requirements
  • Compatibility for automation
  • Compatible with any throughput laboratory
  • Specimen type: oral swab (but not PGT: split cell or blastocyst biopsy)
  • Average coverage uniformity ≥ 20x: >97
  • Unique bioinformatics pipeline
  • Unique dual index compatible with all TarCET kits

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Medicover Genetics TarCET kits provide a unique and efficient solution for any throughput laboratory to perform multidisciplinary genetic testing within your company. Combining different assays in a single sequencing run ensures high quality results while reducing turnaround time and operating costs. Our comprehensive testing approach is ideal for laboratories looking to provide a wide range of reliable genetic testing for healthcare professionals and patients.

The TarCET kit covers the following areas


postnatal testing

newborn baby

Reproductive Health

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)


Carrier Screening Core kit
19 genes in individuals with unknown carrier status analysis.
Carrier Screening Comprehensive kit
231 genes in individuals with unknown carrier status analysis.
PGT kit
Total chromosomal aneuploidy, Up to 10MbStructural abnormalities and partial duplications/deletions, several types of Y chromosome ploidy and >50%. mosaic Detection of.
Hereditary Cancer Kit
62 genes associated with hereditary tumors, and analyzed the 24 Cancer Predisposition Syndromes covers the following areas.
Infertility Kit
In the Female Infertility Panel 54 genes and in the Male Infertility Panel. 39 genes analysis. of the sex chromosomes.Structural and numerical anomalies are included in both panels
Neonatal kit
Symptomatic and pre-symptomatic infants 140 genes analysis.
Cardiac Comprehensive Kit
292 genes and cover the major inherited cardiovascular diseases.
Cardiomyopathy Kit
98 genes and covers inherited cardiovascular diseases associated with cardiomyopathy.
Arrhythmia Kit
42 genes and covers arrhythmia-related inherited cardiovascular disorders.
48 genes and covers inherited cardiovascular diseases associated with aortic disease.
Congenital Heart Defects Kit
80 genes and covers congenital heart disease.
familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), pulmonary hypertension (PH), and RASopathy (RAS)-related diseases, respectively. 11, 11, and 30 genes analysis.
Metabolic Kit
223 genes and covers the major classes of inherited metabolic disorders.
UltraVerse Index Oligotype A/B/C/D
UltraVerse index oligos include a unique dual index oligo compatible with all TarCET IVD kits includes.

Each TarCET kit contains reagents for 16 reactions with up to 384 multiplexing capabilities (4 x 96 index kits). Each UltraVerse Index Oligos kit contains 96 reactions.

Unique Software Solutions



SIRIUS is a data management web application that enables user management of information generated by NGS analysis when processing samples using the TarCET kit workflow. In addition, SIRIUS facilitates the creation, calculation, and editing of sample batches required to perform sequencing and works in conjunction with VEGA, Medicover Genetics' analysis engine, to provide information about the analysis data in visual graphical and tabular formats.


VEGA is bioinformatics analysis software for samples processed using the TarCET kit. This analysis detects single nucleotide mutations, short insertions or deletions, and copy number changes; PGT analysis detects aneuploidy and structural aberrations.


Medicover Genetics provides ongoing support to all TarCET kit customers through a dedicated technical support channel. We are always available to provide technical support for troubleshooting, quality and performance monitoring. Upon request, we can provide customers with training on workflow, protocols, and data analysis at an accredited facility.

For technical support inquiries:.